So by now you are probably seeing Christmas being promoted everywhere already as the Silly Season approaches once again.

Christmas is celebrated by over a third of the world population but what does it really stand for?

Should we be saving it?

Should we even be celebrating it?

We should rather be remembering the feasts of Yah'uah:Sukkot, Day of Atonement, Passover, Shavuot, etc? 


 "Christians" believe Christmas should be promoted, defended and "saved"

This is obvious since Christianity does not follow the true Messiah of the scriptures but rather the pagan roots of Catholicism.

Christ Mass = Icon of Catholic Church (Circe)

Christianity is under "church" (Circe) authority instead of under the authority / name of Yahuah.

Watch the above video (put together by 119 Ministries ) which exposes the dangers of such an idea as well as

Hosea's Christmas Tree which shows further evidence against keeping pagan rituals.

"Lets' keep Jesus in Christmas"

...they say and to that we answer yes you keep your pagan J-Zeus in his pagan holi-day where he belongs but our true Messiah Yahushua, Son of Yahuah has nothing to do with pagan idolatry Christ Mass which in any event means Messiah depart. 



Mega Church Durban Christian Centre (DCC) / Jesus Dome  in South Africa

 is one of those corrupted systems that promotes pagan Christmas.

Is it any wonder that their Mega Dome recently burnt down?

They even put fear into kids that don't keep Christmas with the GHOST of Christmas  from the secular Scrooge play haunting a man on the stage.

Talking to familiar spirits / to the dead (necromancy)  is forbidden in the bible, punishable by death!

DCC promotes SANTA , (SATAN ) and his gnomes (demons).

This is an abomination people!

Where is the Fear of Yah'uah and the keeping of HIS commandments ??


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