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[pw = pagan word translation]

The popular Christian preacher Joseph Prince of New Creation Church in Singapore is leading many people astray. When it comes to the preaching of the Word of Truth he comes nowhere close. He makes up his own doctrine and lies about scripture while his life and his "church" system clearly show idolatry and that he is not a believer of Yah'uah or his Son Yah'ushua. He is not of the assembly of believers but of "church", a system installed by the Catholics.

He does not teach the good message of salvation and obedience to To'rah.  He shows signs of his satanic background with his satanic hand signs and dress code. Rebellion is witchcraft and we show how his "church" enacted this ritual at Chingay. He worships the godess Destiny (blasphemous book he wrote "Destined to Reign")  and the godess "Grace" ( uses the term Grace Revolution- ie uses godess Grace to rebel against Yah'uah's To'rah commandments. These are just a few of his gods to name a few.

In reality he is not trusted as shown by a public opinion poll we took a while ago.

Where does Joseph Prince get his heresy from (beside satan), who is his guru?

“I give thank for God for my roots in the Word of Faith teachings. It is truly on the shoulders of great men of God like Brother Kenneth E. Hagin that we are able to see further into the Word of God today. Growing up, I learned a lot about faith from Brother Hagin who truly had a special revelation of faith from the Lord. I deeply honor and respect him for all that he has taught me.” – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 271.

Get a list summary of Joseph Prince's heresies in his book "Destined to Reign" (we call  Designed to Ruin)

SEE ALSO "Stupid Things Joseph Prince Followers Say " Various replies given, using scripture, in reply to Joseph Prince Guru followers on Youtube.

Prince teaches heresy on one side and when it looks too obvious he tries to cover it up by pretending to believe something sound just to con his audience further. Since most of them have a short memory they cannot see how he has a fork tongue as demonstrated on the right here (Quick Fix?).  His false teachings are so perverse so that they quickly cancel the intermittent sound doctrine he pretends to follow or present. The pope does the same.

Fighting the good fight of moral conviction.

We have been fighting against this wolf Joseph Prince by posting videos of his false activities and have had positive results in morally convicting some who have been led astray for a while by Joseph Prince Heresy. "Positive results" are not measured by numbers since narrow is the way. Noah's ministry saved no one outside of his family and he was a preacher who found favour (pw grace) and preached righteousness (II Peter 2:5)  ie To'rah, turning from sinning against it.

"Thank you for this video, it was a blessing and I have since stopped reading JPs book. Though I agree with his message on grace, I cannot look past his other activities. Too many brothers and sisters use cheap grace as an easy way back into a sinful lifestyle and we forget the beckoning to put on righteousness and walk in holiness daily. To be transparent, I myself have lost count of how many times I've backslid so I'm very thankful for God's grace, but just recently I've been heavily convicted by the Holy Spirit to really step back into practicing the holy lifestyle and to get back into prayer and to get my face back on the floor in reverence of The Most High. Thanks again for the upload brother."


1- Favour/ gratitude (pw Grace) and law are opposites (this same doctrine was advocated by second century heretic “Marcion”).

2- Favour/ gratitude (pw Grace) is one-sided and unfair (downplays moral conviction (pw faith) and obedience and misunderstands Yah’s (pw divine) justice).

3- Christianity is effortless (the rule and reign (pw kingdom) of shamayim (pw heaven) is a welfare state).

4-Asking forgiveness for sin is unnecessary for “believers”.

5- Moses and Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) taught opposite doctrines.

6-The law brings condemnation (to the wicked) and therefore Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) removed it.

7-Preaching the law makes people sin more, therefore it should not be taught at congregation (pw church) because it will harm your congregation (pw church) congregations (better to leave them ignorant I guess).

8- The gift of righteousness means we are righteous even if we are not.

9- Unconditional forgiveness

10- Elohim (pw God) was perpetually angry in the Old Testament and perpetually happy in the New Testament.

11- Elohim (pw God) does not judge nations for wickedness.

12- If Elohim (pw God) judges people, cities and nations today, then He should apologize to Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) for the persecution stake (pw cross).

13- Believers aren’t punished for sin.

14- We never truly stop sinning but Elohim (pw God)’s ok with that.

15- We are not held more accountable to Elohim (pw God) when we know more, nor do we face greater punishment if we fail having known the truth, nor will we go through greater trials or tribulations as we draw close to Elohim (pw God).

16- The Word of Elohim (pw God) doesn’t produce faith, only the Word of Messiah (pw Christ).

17- The Word of Elohim (pw God) and the word of Messiah (pw Christ) don’t agree on some things.

18- Christian’s cannot commit the unpardonable sin.

19- Once saved, always saved.

20- Part of Yah'ushua (pw Jesus)’s teaching is not applicable because it’s “Old Testament”.

21- We can’t take doctrine from the good message (pw gospel/God spell)s because Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) had not yet risen from the dead yet.

22-Paul’s the lead authority on doctrine (not Yah'ushua (pw Jesus)) because he addressed the congregation (pw church).

23-Confession of sins for believers is about “being open” with Elohim (pw God), not about repentance because we are already forgiven.

24-Even though the book of I John was written to the congregation (pw church), the opening chapter is only for Gnostics and therefore we can disregard the instructions to confess our sin.

25-Confession of sin is unnecessary because we would have to confess all the time (inferring we would never stop sinning).

26-Paul didn’t teach confession of sins.

27-Messiah (pw Christ) died to save us from the Old Testament covenant.

28-Not only should we not teach “the law” from the pulpit, we should only teach favour (pw Grace) (even though the Renewed Covenant (pw New Testament) gives 1050 commands for believers to obey, we should still skip that part).

29-Condemnation is the deepest root of all our problems (actually condemnation is caused by sin, hence the deeper problem is sin).

30-An evil conscience is one that convicts you of sin and failure (in other words a WORKING conscience).

31-The Ruach haKodesh (pw Holy Spirit) does not convict us of sin or of judgment.

32-The Ruach haKodesh (pw Holy Spirit) only convicts us of righteousness (when we sin).

33-Satan likes the Ten Commandments.

34-The law caused Paul to be deceived in sin.

35-Paul continued in sin but realized he was not condemned anyway.

36-The prodigal son didn’t really repent, he was just conning [to] his father for food.

37-We shouldn’t talk about sin, repentance or judgment from the pulpit, we should only talk about the goodness of Elohim (pw God).

38-Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) frequently broke the law of Moses to help sinners.

39-Elohim (pw God) didn’t unconditionally protect rebellious sinners in the Old Testament who were bitten by serpents but He will unconditionally protect rebellious sinners (“Christians”) in the Renewed Covenant (pw New Testament).

40-Elohim (pw God) had Israel put the Ten Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant to “hide” the law under the kindness (pw mercy) seat.

41-Abraham had a covenant of favour (pw Grace), but Moses’ had an inferior covenant of works.

42-The journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai was a period of pure favour (pw Grace) (50 days of no consequence for sin which the giving of the law ruined their sin-filled but “righteousness-consciousness” utopia).

43-Repentance doesn’t involve mourning or sorrow (or confession) for sin, it just means you changed your mind about something.

44-The doctrine of repentance from sin is not for believers.

45-Favour /gratitude (pw Grace) is a teacher so we don’t need the law.

46-Favour /gratitude (pw Grace) preaching is the only means of effective evangelism.

47-Paul taught and believed all of the aforementioned heresies.

48-Paul “winked” at the sins of Corinth because they were under favour (pw Grace) but firmly rebuked the sins of Galatia because they taught the law.

49-“Falling from favour (pw Grace)” doesn’t mean sinning, it means reverting to law.

50-If you teach the law you are a “man-pleaser” (bizarre I know).

51-Fasting is unnecessary and is only in the Renewed Covenant (pw New Testament) because fasting enthusiasts added it in later manuscript copies.

52-When Satan tempted Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) to “turn the stones to bread”, he was actually tempting Yah'ushua (pw Jesus) to get nourishment from the law instead of trusting in the love of Elohim (pw God) (my eyes are rolling even as I type this)

53-Etc., etc., etc.

For the teaching of these doctrines and many others not mentioned on this list, I assert with little timidity that Joseph Prince is unquestionably a heretic”

(reference Chace Gordon, Facebook, “Exposing A Heretic Joseph Prince”)

Hillsong conference 2008-ish.              

Joseph Prince is saying forget about the past, don't be angry with yourself (in other words it's not about repentance to Yah'uah. Then he shows the satanic salute with his hand pointed at the people.

He says "that should take care of the guilt" then he says it again and shows the salute, and this time he sticks out his tongue. This is a deliberate satanic serpent occult sign. You will also notice the signet ring on that pinkie finger as well, more clearly on another occasion.

Joseph Prince ring

(On this occasion he pauses while strategically facing the ring at his audience before he begins to sing "In The Shadow of Your Wings" looks more like In The Shadow of His Ring ).  So at Hillsong he is cursing the people saying Satan will take care of their un-forgiven sin as he takes them to gehenna (pw hell) with him. 

An example of Joseph Prince's damnable heresies.

“Does the Holy Spirit (Proper name Pure Spirit) convict you of sin?

"That is a very good question and the answer is really simple. Now pay attention to this because it will liberate you. The bottom line is the Holy Spirit never convicts you of your sin." – Joseph Prince, Destined to Reign, 2007, pg. 134.

this is very odd since the spirit is all about moral conviction (pw faith/fides) but Joseph Prince uses the Catholic godesses Grace and Faith which have been used to corrupt the Hebrew scriptures and replace the true meaning. For more see SUNday Worship Terms.

Quick Fix?:

An example of Joseph Prince defending his false "Grace" message as though he is not preaching a license to sin.

"If anyone is living in sin and claims that he or she is living under grace, let me be the first to tell you that this person is not living under grace. How can he or she be when God’s Word clearly states that “sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace” (Rom. 6:14)? Based on the authority of God’s Word, a person who is under grace will not be dominated by or want to continue living in sin!"


Wow! Yet at his Hillsong Conference (The Benjamin Generation 2008/9) this fork tongue preacher went a step further in the opposite direction to say you are damned if you keep the commandments (To'rah). So if he is defending his "grace" message because of "licensed to sin" ideas it is because he himself is the one preaching "license to sin" by instilling a fear against keeping the commandments upon ignorant people!!

"if you are a believer and you believe in trying to keep the commandments  you cannot inherit the blessings of God"

I say he damns the people because barak (pw "blessing") includes entering eternal life in the city gained by those that DO KEEP the COMMANDMENTS OF ELOHIM. So he tries to rob them of eternal life through fear of not being "blessed" (barak'd) when scripture preaches the very opposite.

Rev 22:14 Barak'd (pw Blessed) are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

He then has the audacity to say :

"But don’t let these rob you of the treasure of the true gospel that is clearly laid out in God’s Word and of its power to set you free from a cycle of sin and defeat."


When it is he who is doing the robbing himself and selling the defeatist, apostate, To'rahless teaching.

Here we see how Joseph Prince tries to curse and put fear into true believers who keep the commandments. He is the robber of the truth.


Joseph Prince clearly has a cult following who literally idolise him and his teaching. From this comment on Youtube by one of his followers  it is clearly scary to see how deep the deception and blasphemy really goes.

For more see Stupid things Joseph Prince Followers Say

Joseph Prince's sermons are worshipped since they stroke the souls of those who think they can continue sinning while they simply reject his Tor'ah. Joseph Prince gives them false confidence through lies that he creates (as seen in the video below) that the To'rah has been done away with and, using Paul he applies a twisted version of his scriptures , saying that "sin has no dominion over"  himself or his followers at the same time. This of course is heresy. Sin (transgression of the law) has no dominion over those who have been justified by Messiah Yah'ushua, and those who then repent and are daily purified and who LOVE his To'rah (commandments), Those who keep his Tor'rah / commandments.

1 Jn 5:3 For this is the love of Elohim (pw God), that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

I have spent many hours talking to his followers and they clearly play hopscotch when you confront them with the true scriptures. It is no wonder since Joseph Prince does the same as shown above.They use circular arguments and when you ask them direct questions using multiple choice they refuse to answer since they know they can't escape the obvious truth and contradictions in their own lawless heresy.

Here we show how Joseph Prince lies and changes the very scriptures to support his false doctrine ( he even deleted my previous video to try and hide his lie)  :

Here we see our two part expose of his  blatant idolatry by his "church" (circe-circus) as they sent out a contingent of 250 to openly parade their pagan idols at Chingay. Now remember Joseph Prince said himself, as quoted above :

"If anyone is living in sin and claims that he or she is living under grace, let me be the first to tell you that this person is not living under grace

This number of 250 is surely no coincidence as we have seen it in scripture with reference to idolatry with a show of rebellion against the commandments of Yah'uah.

Numbers 16: 2 And they rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown:   3 And they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron,

Here Joseph Prince contradicts himself in the same sentence regarding the sabbath- the best part is Joseph Prince actually does keep a day and obviously encourages going to "church" on SUNday in his book Destined to Reign since his "church" is part of the catholic system, yet this video will show how he lies and contradicts himself in order to try and escape Yah'uah's To'rah.

And finally how foolish Joseph Prince makes himself with his own inventions regarding the sabbath and scripture.

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