...from filthy rags to righteous fruit

Jesus and Christianity are NOT the religion of the bible these are counterfeits of the true Mashiak Yahushua and the Natsarim.

Christianity, a pagan cult existed long before Mashiak and his disciples. Christianity is the Catholic pagan corruption of the Yahudi To'rah keeping Mashiak Yahushua.

Shaul (Paul) was not a Christian he kept and taught To'rah NOT christianity.

We recommend this video to  those who realize that the "christian" religious organisation they are in or are following does not match up to scripture.

Warning this video is not for those who love the lies of organized religion which contradicts the scriptures.

This video has been produced by Lou White. We do not endorse his teaching we only agree mostly with the content of this specific video. We do not support his doctrine stated elsewhere that the Messiah is the Almighty himself. Please see our article:

Why "Jesus" is not "God"

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