Evidence for the Support of the Truth of the Bible

Around the world, evidence for the truth of the bible is constantly being  attacked by atheists and politically motivated groups . This page is dedicated to reforming any doubter of the bible being a true historical record with real historical characters and that the ancient Hebrews or Israelites truly existed. Here is a general overview first of why the bible should not be ignored, before we get to the nitty gritty of the archaeology.

( Please note we reject the names "Jesus" , "God" "Lord" as pagan corruptions of "Yah'ushua", "Elohim/ Yah'uah",  "Adonai/Master" respectively. For more see His Name )

Through archaeological evidence we will let the Rocks Cry out themselves. Yah'uah has said that he can make the Rocks Cry out if need be. So there is no excuse for anyone to doubt or say they do not believe. It is even possible for a non-believer to be converted, as you shall see, through the evidence.

Our first reference "Living Stones" will show how deceptive the secular archaeological world has been in trying to mislead the public. It will prove them wrong with the recent discoveries in Israel.

(One correction in this video however is the so-called  "Wailing Wall" which is not the remnant of a retaining wall of Herod's Temple but the remaining wall of the Roman Fort Antonia- it is a pagan idol of Judaism and has nothing to do with anything commanded in scripture - it is an abomination in the eyes of Yah'uah the Creator) Yah'ushua (falsely called Jesus) prophesied that not one stone of the House of Yah'uah would be left standing and it isn't after its destruction 70 AD.  See next video after this one for more on that.

Below : House of Yah'uah ( pw Temple)  was not at "Temple Mount" - Wailing Wall has nothing to do with it. The bible sorts out unnecessary political fights over a useless site.

Evidence for the Support of the Existence of Hebrew Slaves in Egypt. Some claim there were no slaves in Egypt. Well Hebrews in Egypt at first were not slaves until the pharaoh passed away and they lost their privileges.

Listed here are a number of external links(stay tuned we will be adding more references in the future)

A Short explanation of some artifacts in the British Museum (images)

The Sons of Jacob New Evidence for the Presence of Israelites in Egypt (images)

Possible Evidence of the Presence of Israelites in Egypt, Joseph's Tomb (no images)

Undeniable Archeological Proof of the Red Sea Crossing to the True Mount Sinai

Below:  Award winning Journalist presents evidence of Israel In Egypt something which critics have tried to deny in the past.

Below is a short video of further evidence of Hebrews in Egypt. This Hebrew is prominent in scripture as he was made a ruler by the pharaoh and played a crucial part in providing grain during the famine  - His name of course - Joseph.

Below :Archeological evidence of Hazor and the destruction by fire as recorded in the scriptures

Below:   Even more ancient evidence :

Archeological evidence of Daniel and Babylon, Belshazzar etc...

( Please note we do not accept the doctrines of Christadelphianism  nor promote it. This video is promoted purely on the Archeological content and the scriptures relating to it.)

Below:A 30 min long detailed doc on the Biblical Noah's Ark that the late Ron Wyatt had found. What is a boat structure doing on dry ground as well as numerous anchor stones? Well the ENTIRE earth was covered with water in the Genesis flood, that is how it got there. This finding is in the right place and is the correct length according to scripture. Numerous anchor stones were also found on the dry land which would not be otherwise possible nor logical.

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