...from filthy rags to righteous fruit

This Article Updated D25M06 2022

The Real Reformation includes Coming out of Babylon. The so-called Protestant Reformation was no reformation at all and in fact the Catholic "Church" only carried out its counter reformation which is clearly more evident today with Ecumenism of all the "churches" under Rome and her lawless commandments that make Yahuah's commandments void.

The True Believers, People of Yahuah, called Yahudim or Natsarim congregate with other true Yahudim in assemblies or congregations they do not come under "Church" . If you are still under "Church" you have not yet been reformed. You are under another name (denomination) other than the name of Yah'ushua and Yahuah.

We include this video for you which we found to include much of what  we would like to mention in regard to this thing called "Church" :
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