Did Paul teach against the law?

Are we under a curse if we try to keep the law?

Have we gone back to weak things if we keep the law?

These are the many questions you may have asked after being taught bits and pieces from the epistles of Paul, usually Galatians and Romans.

These are difficult scriptures and many have had their doctrine on salvation taught largely from these two epistles.

Yet even the apostle Peter warned that these epistles are not for beginners and can cause many to be led into the error of lawlessness.

Here is an example of the type of teaching leading to the error of lawlessness by world popular preacher Joseph Prince

So why then do pastors focus on these epistles? Are they willingly trying to lead you into lawlessness by the modern grace gospel that they teach?

To answer your questions watch this in depth 13 part series of teachings

by 119 Ministries* which will investigate the error of lawlessness and correct your view on the gospel Paul taught.

We hope it will be the beginning of reformation and revival in your

heart towards Yahuah as you study the scriptures in context.

We truly believe that this series will finally settle your mind

regarding the truth of the gospel as taught by Messiah and Apostle Paul.

*We do not endorse 119 ministries but largely agree with their teachings in accordance with scripture that we have put together here from their series. We do not agree with them that the pagan names God and Jesus should be used for Elohim and Yah'ushua and that they are offensive to Elohim


It is recommended that you watch the videos in the order they are presented here:

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